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Club Real Canoe NC of Madrid
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“When I founded DM2, I saw the opportunity to help in another way. Today we allocate a part of the company's result to instill those values in a Rugby school for boys and girls.
For this we also have the support of the Real Club Canoe NC of Madrid, a non-profit sports organization oriented towards the development of sport with countless Olympians. It has been a pleasant surprise for us, to find that not only the children have been enthusiastic, the parents have been involved to the point of being part of the team.
From DM2 we encourage everyone to come to this sport and feel what it means”.
Manuel Martín Ferrero

Collaboration Khanimambo Foundation

Collaboration Khanimambo Foundation

Its mission is to help children from the most unfavorable areas of Mozambique help them to have a decent childhood that allows them to build a brighter future.

Acting directly in improving the living conditions of the children, training them through education and care, promoting family unity as the core of their growth and integrating in their community to promote a sustainable development.

They look for smiles, always from the positive and optimistic side of cooperation. It is a close NGO, young, full of strength, freshness and enthusiasm; Do not hesitate to meet them and know more about them! Let them seed a smile on you to!


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